About Us

In the mold industry, you need a company that can provide a fast, high quality total mold solution to meet the time and quality requirements of your clients.

Suntitek is a very special mold production operation that has for two decades delivered this unique total solution to a huge number of domestic and international clients.

Through its investment in the very best CNC machine tools the company can offer advanced mold production services for the plastics industry.At Suntitek the process is carefully laid out with each part of the mold production cycle carefully designed to increase quality and reduce time for clients.

Suntitek has invested in the very best production machine tools to handle clients mold requirements even for
very large molds so all of the initial machining can be performed efficiently as a part of their production line process in house.This includes machine tools to handle milling, drilling and grinding for large molds as well as advanced CNC machining centers for smaller high precision mold cutting.With a range of machine tools equipped for the toughest 2D and 3D machining challenges, Suntitek can produce high precision molds efficiently for a wide range of industrial applications.nce the coolant channels are completed, final drilling and grinding is also carried out at the company in house, so that the molds are rapidly ready to be shipped out for final fine machining and polishing. Suntitek offers a range of mold production services for the plastics industry.

Suntitek’s special total solution delivers the very best quality, speed and precision for all of their global customers and with their competitive pricing and fast delivery times this is a company that you have to consider for all of your plastics industry molding requirements.